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Getting Started

We open the door to thousands of approved buyers and sellers. Post your bid as a registered buyer, or create your product offers as a platform verified hotel supplier. Through our rigorous customer compliance we make sure that only reliable users gain access to our digital marketplace. There are two ways to get started:

Post offer as a Seller

As a Seller, you have the opportunity to sell your products to our all our registered Hotels around the world and transact securely and seamlessly with riskless cross-border payments, Logistics, Insurance and Inspection services all available via the platform. You can build your relationships and convert one-time shoppers to loyal customers by being a reliable source of quality products and trusted supply chain. 

Post bid as a Buyer

As a buyer, you have the flexibility of creating a self-service eCommerce method that suits your needs. Create a Product Comparative shopping list, contact your desired merchants and negotiate price & quantity and place orders with ease. Eliminate any confusion, price mark-ups, and shipping concerns by direct buyer to merchant contact. Gain access to thousands of products through a large supplier base.